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Bath Time is Fun Time

Enjoy the ultimate relaxation with our range of bath bombs and soaps. Choose from a set or mix and match from the range of individually handmade ones.

Please note that we use a variety of suppliers – some may or may not use ingredients that you may have an allergy or sensitivity to. If you are in any doubt please ask BEFORE ordering.

A lot of suppliers use NUT oils for bath bombs, and also many may contain milk products. Even if a particular bomb does not list NUT or MILK / DAIRY products in its ingredients, please be aware that there is a risk of cross contamination as most suppliers (there is the odd exception) use the same work area to produce all of their products and this is something those with severe allergies need to be aware of.

Those that we are confident of being completely vegan friendly will be marked as such. 

Bath bombs are not generally considered suitable for those under the age of 3.

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